Since 2012, Lullalee has given over $407,000 of gift in kind donations, helping more than 50,000                                                                       of homeless, low-income families and people in need in our community." 

Programs Served:
1,500 kids in Toy n' Joy 
1,300 kids at Back-to-School 
4,900 people in the clothing room (this is homeless, families and individuals) 
1,400 homeless showers 
600 kits to Seneca hotel (low-income SROs) 
900 kits to Harborlight Center

You don’t have to look far these days to see how twisted and scary a place the world has become for kids, especially those that are the most vulnerable or marginalized among us.  I am so grateful to Lee Ann, Merlin and the Lullalee organization  for partnering with The Salvation Army Camp Redwood Glen in our efforts to combat summer learning loss in the children we serve. This summer, the books given by  Lullalee will help us to open wider the doors of imagination and creativity for every child that comes to camp.  Lullalee's support has been great catalyst and encouragement as we plan and develop the literacy component of our program for another summer.  On behalf of all the children that will come through our gate this summer I want to say Thank You for the books and your support for Children's literacy. 

Ed Covert- Camp Director